Modifying ACL Permissions

  1. Connect to your Mumble Server
  2. Open the "Edit" Window
    Left click on the Server Name at the top, then right click and then click "Edit".
    Mumble Edit Server ACL Screen 1
  3. Open the ACL Window
    On the tabs at the top of this Edit window click the "ACL" tab to access the ACL permissions.
    Mumble Edit Server ACL Screen 2
  4. Default Permissions
    If you click on the italicized "@all" you will see the default permissions for that channel.
    Mumble Edit Server ACL Screen 3
  5. Changing Permissions
    Lets say you want to turn off the ability to "Whisper" other users. If you look at the first "@all" group at the top, they are able to whisiper. However since you are unable to change the permissions there you will have to change it in the lower "@all" group. You will check the "Deny" option and they will no longer be able to whsiper.
    Mumble Edit Server ACL Screen 4
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