Running the Audio Tuning Wizard

  1. Open Mumble
    Upon opening mumble you should see the "Audio Tuning Wizard" prompt. Click the "Next" button to continue the wizard.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 1
  2. Select Your Devices
    On this screen if you know exactly what devices you use, select them, if not just leave values to the defaults. Click the "Next" button to conintue.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 2
  3. Setting Audio Latency
    On this portion you should be hearing a continious loop of sound. Select a value that gives you no inttuptions or jitter in the sound. Once you find a good setting click the "Next" button to continue.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 3
  4. Setting the Volume Settings
    Follow the instructions on the screen and click the "Next" button once complete.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 4
  5. Setting Voice Mode
    If you want Mumble to record your voice as soon as you start talking without having to push a button you'll want to select the "Raw amplitude from input" option. If you want Mumble to start recording your voice after you push a button you'll select the "Push To Talk" option and you'll need to click inside the box next to the option and push a key you want to use.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 5
  6. Setting Quality and Notifications
    We recommend leaving the defaults on the page here, although you can change them if you want higher quality or do not want to hear sounds instead of text to speech.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 6
  7. Setting Personal Audio
    Depending on the speaker or headphone setup you use, you'll want to select the "Use headphones" if you do so. Click "Next" otherwise.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 7
  8. Finishing the Wizard
    Click the "Finish" button to finish the setup wizard.
    Mumble Initial Run Screen 8
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