Mumble Server Status Tool

The Mumble server status tool provides a live view of your server's channels and users.

Step 1

Enter the URL to the JSON encoded Channel Viewer Protocol provided by your Mumble host.
This is not the URL you use to connect to your Mumble server. The URL to your Channel View Protocol is a seperate URL used specifically to provide a JSON or XML encoded view of your Mumble server. Note that not all Mumble hosts provide this feature. If you have a Mumble server from, the URL to your Channel Viewer Protocol is located in your control pannel.
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  • Server Status Script
    Display your server channels and connected users on your website
  • Installation instantée
    You're ready to connect to your server the instant it's purchased
  • Satisfaction garantie
    Annulation facile sans coûts additionnels et satisfaction garantie de 30 jours
  • Adresse de serveur personnalisée
    Obtenez une adresse de serveur Mumble certifiée et personnalisée tel que
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